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Concrete Cylinder Forms are the fast, modern way to pour perfect, cylindrical columns of concrete.  They provide a round column at less cost than a comparable rectangular form.

Architectural Uses:  Round concrete columns add beauty as well as support strength to any structure.  They compliment any architectural style and can be finished to blend with any decor - tile, paint, terrazzo or other decorative finishes.

Pouring:  Concrete can be poured into the cylinder forms at normal rates by any conventional method - hopper, chute or wheelbarrow.  It can be vibrated during the pour as required without damage to the form.  Form should be braced at top and bottom.  Slump should not exceed 6 inches.

Structural Uses:  Concrete Cylinder Forms are ideally suited to shaping columnar structural supports for piers, foundations, stacks, floors, piles, bridges, etc.  They may also be used to enclose existing steel posts or columns in concrete.

Product Code Description Dimensions Locations Available
ST12 12" Sonotube 12" Diameter x 12' Long Terre Haute, Vincennes, Washington
ST18 18" Sonotube 18" Diameter x 12' Long Terre Haute, Vincennes, Washington
ST24 24" Sonotube 24" Diameter x 12' Long Terre Haute, Vincennes, Washington
ST36 36" Sonotube 36" Diameter x 12' Long Terre Haute


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