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 Benefits of Fox Blocks ICFs...
50%+ By Weight Recycled Content. Eco-Freindly is the right thing to do and it adds credit points for LEED buildings.
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Proven Energy Efficiency. Increases personal savings while reducing environmental impact. Cost effective to own and operate.
Constant room temperatures. Healthier to live and work in. No more drafts or cold-hot spots.
A very quite home/work environment. Increased personal health. Less sound issues when located in high traffic areas.
Strength of reinforced concrete walls. A protection barrier for you and your family. Proven to be safer in high wind and seismic areas.
Environmentally friendly buildings. Energy savings is a top priority for resale. Resistant to mold and other water maintenance issues.
Walls provide up to a 4-hour fire resistance rating. ICF walls better protect occupants from windblown debris.


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