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Snap Edging (Rigid or Flex Style)
Product Code SER & SEF

Gator Edge Snap Edging Rigid and Flex are both made with 100% Polypropylene Co-Polymer. This will give it great strength as well as providing greater flexibility. The Rigid style is great for straight application and can also be used for curves and 90 degree corners by snipping the connectors on the back. The Flex style can be used for all curved applications such as walkways, paths, entrances, etc. Both the Rigid and Flex can be locked together with the "Twist & Lock" connection system. The Flex can connect to the rigid.

Dimensions 8' Long x 2 5/8" Wide x 1 3/4" High
Installation Diagram
Installation Instructions
  1. Can be installed either before or after the paver installation.
  2. Use one 10" Nail Spike at least every 2' for greater support and strength.
  3. Use the twist and lock feature to secure the edging lengths together.
  4. Nail at every twist and lock junction, this will ensure continuous lateral support.

Tech Doc

Snap Edging Data Sheet

Locations Available Terre Haute, Vincennes, Washington
Snap Edging Nail Spikes
Product Code SENS
Description Snap Edging Nail Spikes - use one spike at least every 2'
Dimensions 3/8" x 10"
Locations Available Terre Haute, Vincennes, Washington


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