Super Slats  utilizes a unique concrete mix design for consistent quality and extremely high strengths.  This design, combined with natural non-absorbent quality aggregates, ensures a superior slat.

All Super Slats incorporate a double layered engineered steel rebar system for long lasting structural integrity coupled with controlled vibration for optimum density.

The hand textured finish and hand rolled edges create a surface that helps reduce leg and foot injuries as well as increases animal stability and surface drainage.


The features incorporated in Super Slats are the  direct result of countless hours of research and development and endless conversations with leaders in the Pork Producing Industry.

To ensure quality, we utilize computers to assist in the design and dispensing of our products.  Jones & Sons has found that building a value added product is far more important than concentrating on cost alone.

Standing by our commitment to remain on the leading edge of what's important in this business, we also offer Fibermesh with Microblocker in our products.  Jones & Sons is looking far beyond where most slat producers are today.

Even though we concentrate our research and development on the future of the Pork Producing Industry we have not forgotten the Pork Producer.  Our extremely qualified staff will work with you, the customer, to ensure you get the product you want when you want it.

Jones & Sons can take you through the beam & slat portion of your project from inception to completion.  We offer delivery and installation as well as personal on-the-job consultation when needed.

We are providing superior pre-cast concrete flooring from Missouri to New York and from Michigan to Tennessee.  Just remember Super Slats the pre-cast  concrete flooring system for the 21st century.

Super Slat Gangs and Singles are manufactured w/ guaranteed 9000 psi concrete.

Approximate Weights:

  • 4' x 8' Slats = 1200 lbs

  • 4' x 10' Slats = 1490 lbs

Custom Single Slats Available




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