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Concrete Septic Tanks

All concrete septic tanks include 12" of riser and a riser lid over the outlet cleanout. The 1000, 1250, and 1500 gallon tanks also inlcude the PL-122 Effluent Filter by PolyLoc.

The measurements for all tanks from the bottom of the tank to the center of the inlet is 52 1/2". The bottom of the tank to the center of the outlet is 48". The holes in the septic tank lid measure as follows: one 12" hole over the inlet and one 20" hole over the outlet. Click below for a detailed drawing:

Product Code Description Actual Tank Size Correct Hole Size Weight Locations Available

500 Gallon
(not certified)

68"L x 52"W x 60"D 80"L x 64 "W x 72"D 5,000 lbs Terre Haute

1,000 Gallon

98"L x 68"W x 60"D 110"L x 80"W x 72"D 7,000 lbs Terre Haute
ST1250 1,250 Gallon 121"L x 68"W x 60"D 133"L x 80"W x 72"D 9,000 lbs Terre Haute
ST1500 1,500 Gallon 144"L x 68"W x 60"D 156"L x 80"W x 72"D 11,000 lbs Terre Haute


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