Sealers / Liquid Products


CS250X5GCure & Seal 250X – Medium gloss general purpose Cure & Seal.Acrylic Copolymer, Water White5GTechSDS
SS30X5G Stampseal 30X – High gloss Cure & SealSolvent Based, Clear5GTechSDS
CGHP5Clear Guard H20 Plus+ Cure and Seal – non-yellowing, curing and sealing compound for newly poured and existing concrete surfaces. Water Based5GTechSDS
SSW5GSilicaseal – W – Transparent / No Gloss sealer that helps repel water, de-icing salts and to seal, harden and dustproof concrete surfaces.Water Based5GTechSDS
EBT5GEagle Exposed Agg Sealer – Brown tint, high gloss concrete sealant specifically formulated for Exposed Agg Concrete.Solvent Based5GTechSDS
EC5GEagle Exposed Agg Sealer – Clear, high gloss concrete sealant specifically formulated for Exposed Agg Concrete. Solvent Based5GTechSDS
MPH107G / 5GMasterProtect H 107(3.14.23: After current inventory is sold, this product is being replaced by the Chemstop listed below) Clear Silane/siloxane water-repellent sealer for protecting a wide variety of vertical surfaces including Brick, Concrete, Natural Stone and Manufactured Stone. Water Based1G / 5GTechSDS
CHEMSTOP WB HEAVY DUTY – is a water-based, ready to use, siloxane/silane water repellent and is used on porous surfaces such as light weight concrete, concrete block and mortar jointsWater Based1G/
MS5815GMasterSeal 581(8.29.22: After current inventory is sold, this product is being replaced by the Tamoseal listed below) Creates a durable waterproof barrier on interior or exterior concrete and masonry including Concrete Block, Pre-cast Concrete, Brick and other Masonry Substrates.Cement Based5GTechSDS
TW5GTAMOSEAL is a cement-based, polymer-modified material designed to waterproof concrete and masonry.Cement Based5GTechSDS


MEA660G / 5GMasterEmaco A 660(3.14.23: After current inventory is sold, this product is being replaced by the Flex-Con listed below) A water-based acrylic-polymer emulsion that is mixed with Portland cement mortars, plasters, stucco, and concrete mixes to enhance their physical properties, adhesion to substrates, and durability. 1G / 5GTechSDS
FG/F5GFLEX-CON added to mortar, modifies the mortar for improved physical strength, and superior adhesion to old concrete, masonry, brick, and many other surfaces.1G/
STG / 5GSuper Tard S – A concrete set retarder designed for use on horizontal surfaces creating an exposed-aggregate finish for decorative or construction joint purposes. 1G / 5GTechSDS
WAMEuco Winter Admixture – A multi-purpose liquid admixture designed to accelerate the normal setting rate of mortar, increase strength development at all ages, and to improve workability. 5GTechSDS


SK600G / 5GSure Klean 600 – A general purpose, concentrated acidic cleaner for brick, tile and concrete surfaces.1G / 5GTechSDS
SK101G / 5GSure Klean 101 – A concentrated acidic cleaner for dark-colored brick and tile surfaces which are not subject to metallic oxidation. Safely removes excess mortar and construction dirt. 1G / 5GTechSDS
SKVTG / 5GSure Klean Vana Trol – A concentrated acidic cleaner for new masonry surfaces that are subject to vanadium, manganese and other metallic stains.1G TechSDS
SKCMCGSure Klean Custom Masonry Cleaner – Removes concrete splashes, excess mortar, mud, retarders, heavy efflorescence, embedded stains, rust and surface soiling from textured custom masonry surfaces.1GTech SDS
SKLDCCGSure Klean Light Duty Concrete Cleaner – Light Duty Concrete Cleaner is a general-purpose, non-etching acidic cleaner that removes rust, mud, atmospheric dirt, mortar smears and other stains without altering the surface texture.1GTech SDS
MAGMuriatic Acid – A hydrochloric acid that can be used to clean brick and also etch concrete surfaces.1GTech SDS
SS5GSuper Sealer Stripper – A premium concrete coating remover designed to quickly remove any type of coating from concrete surfaces without harming the concrete itself.5GTech SDS
PNR32Pour-N-Restore Oil Stain Remover – Soaks deep into concrete and masonry surfaces and dries to a powder. The stain is extracted to the surface and absorbed for easy cleanup.32oz.TechSDS
MOLDSMold Control – An EPA-registered solution that cleans, eliminates and prevents mold without any harmful chemicals.32oz.TechSDS
EFFGEf-fortless – A soap solution that counteracts efflorescence. The product is mildly acidic and safe for virtually all surfaces.1GTechSDS

Caulking / Sealants

SCSilicone – This highly flexible, non-shrinking 100% silicone sealant features outstanding protection against water and weather damage.10oz.TechSDS
SIKA1CSL10 / 30Sikaflex 1c SL – A single component, self-leveling, premium-grade polyurethane sealant with an accelerated curing capacity.
10oz. 30oz.TechSDS
Sikaflex-15 LM – A low-modulus, high-performance, 1-component, polyurethane-based, non-sag elastomeric sealant.

Stock Colors:
SIKA15LM10L = Limestone Color
SIKA15LM10W = White Color
SIKA15LM10A = Aluminum Gray Color
SIKA15LM10MB = Medium Bronze


MS590G / 5GMasterSeal 590(8.29.22: After current inventory is sold, this product is being replaced by the Speed Plug listed below) A one-component, quick-setting, Portland-cement-based hydraulic repair mortar that instantly stops running water through holes or cracks in concrete or masonry. It expands as it sets to lock into place even under constant water pressure.1G / 5GTechSDS
SP5G / 5GSpeed Plug – is a rapid-setting hydraulic cement compound used to instantly stop running water or seepage in masonry or concrete. SPEED PLUG is ready to use and requires only the addition of water before plugging and sealing active leaks.1G / 5GTechSDS
FO5GForm Oil – A VOC compliant, ready-to-use, petroleum based, chemically neutral, diesel free concrete form release. Effectively prevents bonding of concrete to forms and formliners.5GTechSDS
A100SGA1 Solvent – Melts acrylic sealer to allow moisture to release from sealed concrete. Roll, brush, or spray on to surface of solvent based acrylic sealer. Sealer will dry hard again within a few hours.1GTechSDS
EBG / EB5GEucobar – is designed to be used as an evaporation retardant and finishing aid on concrete surfaces of all types. When sprayed over fresh concrete, EUCOBAR forms a monomolecular film that prevents rapid moisture loss from the concrete surface. It is easy to use requiring only the addition of water before spray application. EUCOBAR is especially effective when concreting operations must be performed in direct sun, wind, high temperatures, or low relative humidity.1G / 5GTechSDS
FPCFFritz-Pak Control Finish – Improves concrete surface finishing characteristics without re-tempering with water, thus avoiding many common surface problems such as plastic shrinkage cracks, dusting, cracking and crazing.18oz.Tech SDS
FPMDSFritz-Pak Mini Delayed Set – A dry powdered admixture, packaged in a ready-to-use water soluble bag. Mini Delayed Set is designed for stabilizing residual concrete wash water or extending the setting time of concrete while improving concrete quality. 8oz.TechSDS
SRASlip Resistant Additive – Additive is a synthetic aggregate designed to be added to solvent-based sealers for improving the slip resistance of concrete floors and hardscapes where these products are applied.1 lbTechSDS