Integral Concrete Color

Integral color is added to the concrete mix before installation begins, providing consistent color throughout the entire thickness of the concrete. Adding color, with only a common broom or troweled finish, provides a dramatic beautification to plain concrete. In addition, integral color is also used with a colored release agent, to create a stamped concrete finish that rivals any natural stone, brick, hardwood, or tile look, but has all of the benefits of concrete.

SikaColor®-120 G Integral Concrete Colorant is free-flowing concentrated pigment granules designed to permanently color concrete and other cementitious materials. They can be poured directly into concrete mixes, conveyed by gravity feed or pneumatic equipment, or pre-dispensed into pulpable bags that can later be added directly to the concrete mix as a single unit.

SikaColor®-120 G Color Chart

ATTENTION! The color chart below is to demonstrate range of colors available and are not to be used to select colors on how they are viewed on a computer display.

SikaColor 120 G Cross-Reference Chart

The below cross-reference chart shows the comparable SikaColor 120 G Integral Color to the previous Butterfield Uni-Mix / Granular Integral Colors. Items in bold were our most popular Butterfield colors.

SikaColor 120 G Integral ColorButterfield Uni-Mix / Granular Integral Color
C15 Coachella SandU10 / G0903 Sonoran Tan
C18 Spring BeigeU11 / G0850 Autumn Oak
C135 Summer BeigeU12 / G0644 Sunset Beige
C17 Earth StoneU13 / G0911 Millstone
C19 Gray StoneU14 Pewter
C11 Desert SandU15 / G0569 Coral Buff
C12 Mesa BeigeU16 / G0961 Harvest Wheat
C10 Cool GrayU18 / G0665 Gull Gray
C16 Winter BeigeU22 / G0262 Salt Marsh Gray
C25 Sombrero BuffU25 / G1447 Sante Fe Buff
C20 LimestoneU26 Lanon Stone
C27 Westwood BrownU27 / G1788 Mocha Brown
C24 CharcoalU28 / G2296 Charcoal
C14 French GrayU29 / G2550 Soapstone
C37 Sunbaked ClayU31 / G2474 Weathered Terra Cotta
C36 Sorrento RedU33 / G2272 Hampshire Red
C38 Burnt RedU34 / G3296 Brick Red
C31 Shadow SlateU35 Shadow Slate
C30 BrownstoneU37 / G3363 Sienna
C34 Dark GrayU49 / G4615 Deep Charcoal