Landscape Fabric & Staples

Landscape Fabric

Product CodeGF20
DescriptionGator Fabric GF20 polyspun is an excellent geotextile that protects against the growth of weeds in landscaping areas. It is specially formulated to resist deterioration due to exposure to ultraviolet light and is inert to commonly encountered soil chemicals.
Applications– Garden and landscape covering
– Mulch or decorative rock areas
– Separation barrier for plantation
Benefits– Creates a barrier that reduces weed growth
– Allows water, fertilizer and air to pass through
Dimensions1 roll = 3′ Wide x 50′ Long
Coverage1 roll= 150 sf

Landscape Staples

Product CodeLS
DescriptoinProfessional grade steel staples measuring 6″ x 1″. Used to hold down the following: landscape fabric, sod, burlap, garden netting, tarps and covers, irrigation-soaker hoses, plastic vapor barrier, wreath blankets.
Dimensions1″ Wide x 6″ Long
Packaging10 per bundle