Jones and Sons has very good drivers and Darin was no exception. Today on our pour, he was very patient with the inexperienced help that was on the job.

I was at your location in Vincennes today and worked with Nick and Nate loading product into my vehicle. They were both nice and helpful to work with and provided a pleasant experience that often times can be hard to come by. I really appreciated their attitude.

Kevin did a wonderful job spreading rock for my drive.  There were lots of obstacles and Kevin maneuvered through them.  You have a good driver there!

Steve arrived to the job and I was called away, leaving me to relay to him what I wanted to be done.  I returned home pleased at how perfect the drive looked! Big thanks to Steve for an excellent job!

Dawn, in the office, was so great to work with throughout our 800 yard pour at the Casey’s in Seelyville.  She took great care of us throughout the whole ordering and delivering process.

I have nothing but praise for Mike and the professionalism, attitude, and rock placement he provided on the slinger truck last week.  Mike knew his truck and operated it to perfection making my crew’s job a lot easier.