Celebrating 50 Years: 1971-2021

Bert Jones (right) talking with Robert Gould, CPA for Jones and Sons for 40 years.

Jones and Sons, Inc., your hometown concrete and masonry provider for 50 years, is rich in family heritage. Currently growing into the 4th generation, our primary focus centers around Biblical roots and family values. Jones and Sons is proud of its commitment to provide quality products and a service-driven team. Pairing product and knowledge, we guide commercial contractors and backyard project customers alike from job start to successful finish. 

Bert Jones, husband and father of four, had hands that were no stranger to hard work.  Bert bought a milk route from Graham Cheese in 1960 and began making deliveries.  He sold that route in 1962 and bought a backhoe and dump truck and started hauling.  Bringing on board his two oldest sons, Stan and Darrell in 1964, Bert leased Rogers stone yard in the west end of Washington and did general hauling and backhoe work.  Grubb Building Supply was one of the regular hauls and in 1971, after being approached by Grubb to buy, Bert made the purchase and changed the name of the company to Jones and Sons, Inc.  It became a full family-run business when Bert’s wife, Connie, and his other two children, Marsha and Mark, all came on board.  Bert’s yes to that business venture set in motion a vehicle that has now included hundreds of hands that have helped service concrete and masonry products to southern Indiana for 50 years!

Washington, IN

Located at 1262 S. State Road, the Washington plant began in 1971 and is now one of our 4 ready-mix locations where we also stock brick, masonry tools, sealers, precast products, landscaping stone, building stone, and block.

Vincennes, IN

Located at 784 S. 6th Street Road, the Vincennes plant began in 1982 after purchasing Lenahan Concrete and is the 2nd of our 4 ready-mix locations.  Similar to Washington in product offerings, the Vincennes location is also our primary production facility for storm and wastewater precast products.

Starpoint Mine

Located on 400 acres across from our Vincennes office, Starpoint Mine is our sand and gravel mining operation.

Bloomfield, IN

Started in 1990, our Bloomfield location is the site of our block production and supplies all of our retail stores.  This location also services contractors and walk-in customers with block, brick, mortar, and building stone. 

Terre Haute, IN

Originally purchased in 1999 from Hilton Concrete, this store operated as a retail only location under the leadership of Kurt Jones, Darrell’s oldest son.   With the 2007 purchase of the property formerly operated as Consolidated Concrete, this original Terre Haute location on Springhill moved to Erie Canal Road.   This was the beginning of our 3rd full service location with both ready-mix and retail. 

Clinton, IN

Clinton was purchased in 2020 from Roskovensky Concrete and is currently being updated to operate as our 4th ready-mix location. 

Jones and Sons has been blessed with dedicated employees and faithful customers that have sustained us over the years. As we look ahead to the years to come, we will continue to build upon the foundation of faith, customer service and quality products established by Bert Jones over 50 years ago.

Employee & Customer COVID-19 Safety Plan

Updated:  May 13th, 2020 @ 5:40PM

Upon arrival to work, all employees will wash their hands or apply hand sanitizer. Employees should also wash or sanitize their hands mid-morning, after lunch and mid-afternoon. Hand sanitizer will also be made available to Jones and Sons customers.

Social distancing is to be practiced by all Jones and Sons employees and customers. This includes keeping a distance of 6 feet between people, according to CDC guidelines. No more than two Jones and Sons employees should be in breakrooms or batch plant offices at any one time. In addition, employees should, as much as possible, communicate via phone, Google hangouts, text message or other options and avoid spending time in close proximity in office spaces.

Employees experiencing the following symptoms should immediately notify their supervisor: fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Supervisors should monitor employees for signs of illness. Thermometers will be made available at each Jones and Sons location and if an employee has a fever of higher than 99 degrees, he or she should immediately leave work and return home.

All public areas (i.e. front desks) and high traffic areas (i.e. breakrooms and restrooms) will be sanitized twice daily –once at noon and again at the end of the day. A google docs sheet will be utilized to track and sign-off on the cleanings.

Thank You!

Crushed Concrete Now Available at our Terre Haute Location

#53 & #2 Size Crushed Concrete

Available only at our Terre Haute location:
Jones & Sons, Inc.
3527 Erie Canal Rd
Terre Haute, IN 47802

Ph: 812.299.2287

#53 Size Crushed Concrete
FOB Price 10 Ton or More = $8.95/ton
FOB Price < 10 Ton = $10.95/ton
Delivered 20 Ton Loads w/in 15 Miles = $10.95/ton


# 2 Size Crushed Concrete
FOB Price 10 Ton or More = $8.95/ton
FOB Price < 10 Ton = $10.95/ton
Delivered 20 Ton Loads w/in 15 Miles = $10.95/ton


Decorative Concrete Demo

Come visit us at the Terre Haute Home & Outdoor Living Expo at the Vigo County Fairgrounds where we will be hosting a Decorative Concrete Demonstration. A representative from Butterfield Color will be on hand to answer questions while pouring a new decorative sidewalk for the Vigo County Fairgrounds office building.


Decorative stamped concrete demonstration using the Gilpin’s Falls Stamp pattern and colored concrete.


Saturday, April 27th, 2019
10:30AM – Approx 12:30PM


Terre Haute Home & Outdoor Living Expo In front of the Vigo County Fairgrounds office Building.


Jones & Sons is now stocking GatorBar at our Terre Haute, Vincennes and Washington locations. An alternative to traditional steel rebar, GatorBar is a Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) with several advantages including:

  • 7x weight advantage over steel. 25 pieces (500 ft) of GatorBar weighs only 47 lbs.
  • Rust-free
  • Priced less than steel.

Cold Weather Concrete

There are two main problems with concrete in cold weather:

Concrete can freeze before it gains strength which breaks up the matrix
Concrete sets more slowly when it is cold—very slow below 50°F; below 40°F the hydration reaction basically stops and the concrete doesn’t gain strength

But these are concrete temperatures not air temperatures. So when it’s cold, we need to protect the concrete until it can handle the cold on its own. The general rule is that once the concrete has gained strength to about 500 psi then it’s OK. The magical thing that happens is that at almost the same time that the concrete achieves 500 psi compressive strength, hydration of the cement has consumed enough of the water in the original mix so that even if it does freeze, there’s not enough water left in the pores to damage the concrete. With most concrete, even at 50°, this happens during the second day.

To help it reach that 500 psi strength, then, there are two things we can do in cold weather: Change the mix to get it to set more quickly or protect the concrete from the cold—or more likely, both.